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Memory & Consciousness

In early life I taught Artificial intelligence (AI) in a university and more recently I have been guiding start-ups that are building some great technologies leveraging AI. I have studied deep neural networks that mimic how billions of neurons come together to form our brain. What strikes me about these studies is that there seems to be nothing in human brain that somehow mirrors the way our computers store memory, flipping a bite that could represent information in terms of a zero or a one.

Where exactly is memory stored? How is it represented? While we have billion of neurons, helping process sensory inputs, shouldn’t we have had trillions of similar organic pieces that would store memory? Think about a typical computing system, you need computing chips that carry a short amount of fast memory to conduct an operation, and then you add terra bytes of memory to store data. Where did the brains data store go? What are we missing?

Human brain acts more like a smart filter, every time we learn something we add and modify neural connections to build a stronger and better filter, but the experience is not stored anywhere in the brain. If we go a step further, there are scientific studies that establish how animals remember certain specific aggressive incidents, across multiple generations.

My experiments with consciousness seem to suggest that the inner self stores a huge amount of data and experience, and most of the communication I had with the inner self seems to be in the form of high-quality live videos. I am struggling to understand where is the bridge between the physical brain, made up of neurons and electrical signals, and the inner self, made up of subtle energy. How do we detect and prove its existence and how do we leverage this connection? What would be the best way to build technology, that can directly access this inner intelligence?

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