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Predictive Analytics Leveraging Brains Neural Network, Thought Transfer or mere Coincidence ?

Thought transfer was another area where I was able to do some experimentation. Before I sit in meditation, I would think of a specific person, keep the person in my focus for as long as I could hold and slowly venture into deeper states. Usually, once I start drifting into the deeper state, it is hard to hold on to that specific thought, since I am essentially removing all thoughts from the mind. So, I let go even of that goal, but make sure that the goal thought is the last thought before I get into a deep state.

The results can show up in either the immediate meditation state, or the following conscious dream state. Some information is direct and to the point while some bits and pieces are symbols and gestures. Sometimes the meaning of an act or a thought that is shown is not immediately clear, and sometimes the information seems to point towards a future or a past event. There have been times when the information predicted an event that happens within next few hours, with great accuracy, it could be just that I tapped into someone’s thoughts who was planning to do so, the other explanation of me being able to predict the future is too much a stretch.

The field of predictive analytics leverages the past data to predict future behavior. For instance, we can predict to a good accuracy level the consumer spend behavior, the next failure in a complex industrial system or the probability of a person developing a medical condition. Also, the Artificial Intelligence algorithms in cybersecurity area can learn how to predict some specifications of the next malware attack based on history. Is the brain somehow performing a similar trick or is this the nonphysical intelligence or consciousness that taps into the thoughts of others or that can look across space and time ?

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