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Brains Visual Processing versus Consciousness Projection

Brain has a relatively large area dedicated to visual processing. What interested me is the fact that when we see something, the brain is only taking very limited information, in terms of differences and changes, and projects it on an existing model of reality. Which means that by the time we reach adulthood, brain has already stored a model of most of the reality it will encounter and is optimizing by focusing on limited inputs. Off Couse with more experience and data coming in, these models are continuously enhanced and upgraded, but the fact stays that we are living more in a model already in the mind. We still do not know how that model is stored or where it is stored?

I performed several experiments in visualization, in one experiment, after I reached a deep meditative state, I tried to visualize a beautiful and calming landscape and then let go all control of that visualization. Shortly I found myself in a beautiful place, with beaches, elaborate irrigation systems, an interesting European city and an arena. I was able to stay with this visualization for a long time and explore many parts of that landscape. After completing the session, I googled for similar regions and found a very similar location in south France, that matched my visualization in almost every way. I have never been to France so the possibility of the brain producing that image from older information was zero. The only other possibility would be, if I had watched a video of that location somewhere in the past, and somehow in deep meditation the brain recalled that scene, but I would argue that the landscape was too good for me to forget it completely.

Taking a theoretical leap, some other possibilities would be, either I was able to project my consciousness to that region and scout around, or I was reading someone else’s thoughts about that location. While I am not claiming either way, unless I can repeat the same in a laboratory with good accuracy, these experiences open vast possibilities in several areas of technology and human development. For instance, these capabilities could be key to space exploration. Travelling in space is expensive and it is important to optimize our resources, if we could develop capabilities to project our minds outside our body with good accuracy level, we could revolutionize the way we will pan future space travel.

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