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Building Superhumans

Ramanujan compiled around 3900 mathematical results, without any formal training in mathematics, and ascribed it to a family goddess. I was able to at least peak into this area, practice reading a few paragraphs and get a glimpse of how this capability works in advanced concepts. Vivekananda is said to have remembered entire encyclopedias by reading them only once. It seems that there may be entirely different and more efficient ways of acquiring knowledge and training our minds than what we are used to follow. Today we struggle for around 20 years to acquire a master’s degree, trying to absorb already available knowledge and concepts, and several more years if we decide to acquire a Doctorate degree. By the time we reach a satisfactory state, most of the time, the spark of creativity is long gone. We seem to be spending a whole lot of time trying to absorb knowledge one word at a time, when there are ways to absorb whole encyclopedias in hours.

What if we divert some of our time to sharpen our tools? In this case, what if we start training kids in the art of meditation from early years, we ensure that they grow up with a strong connection with the inner self. What is every kid could acquire the capabilities of Ramanujan and Vivekanand? In ancient Indian culture, the sons of the great kings were sent to gurukuls, modern day equivalent of boarding schools, to learn meditation and other discipline. There was heavy emphasis on training the mind and based on the capabilities and interest of the student, he was given the education suitable to his need. Modern day educational needs are very different from those rather simple days, it is not focused on developing character, personality, or creativity but more to develop a worker for the modern economy. We must carefully choose and adopt some of the best practices that have been tried in the past to further enrich our young generation.

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