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Do you need a meditation Teacher ?

This cannot be stressed enough, if at all possible, have a personal teacher and coach, who can provide one-one guidance. Think about how it would go trying to learn taekwondo by reading books, the progression is at best, slow and clunky, without a teacher helping you build your basics. Do not think of the teacher as a holy person, god or someone you have to blindly work with, get his feedback but go with your gut feeling, take your time to form a bond with the teacher, learn to differentiate between real experience and theory, ask him direct questions about what he has done and what he has realized, how it has affected his life, if he cannot answer your questions to your satisfaction, continue your search.

I spend several years talking to hundreds of people to finally consider one person to work with, and even with that one person, it took years to get the trust in place. Even if the person can perform some thought reading and surprise you with information that no one else has access to, that only means he has gone deeper in that one single area, and he is not necessarily the right person.

Also a teacher and a student are the same terms, this is an endless path, anyone who is walking a few steps ahead of you is a potential teacher, Steer clear from people who think they know it all, I don’t think knowing it all is even possible. One good approach would be to have open conversations with many people active in this area and absorb the best from each of them, accumulate what works for you and carry on.

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