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What can I accomplish with meditation ?

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

You are a career professional, working to build a life for yourself, your family and trying to hopelessly save something to make your retirement comfortable. You have no time to think of self-realization or mysticism, you are not sure where this is going to go.

You may also have gone through a few yoga and meditation sessions, you have read a few books, you may even practice conscious living at times, you have done lots of discussions with colleagues and friends and you do your VTO (Volunteer Time Off) hours.

What is there for you beyond that? What outcomes can you achieve? Will this be worth your time? Will this be time wasted? Ancient sages have spent lifetimes to meet the self, what is your chance?

All is not lost, there is a whole lot you can achieve with minimum effort. The key is to accept your current state and find the best way to optimize self-discovery within your own schedules and constraints. Let us not think about extreme steps such as leaving the material world, compromising on your career, compromising on family responsibilities or living the life of a monk. You can make significant gains if you are prepared to accept life as it is and add the necessary pieces on top to balance it.

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