Self-Realization series

By - Ghanshyam Sharma

The series tackles the questions of human consciousness from several perspectives. The first book provides a glimpse into my fascinating experiences over thirty years of meditation practice. The second book will compile my teachers selected deep experiences into a volume, that will cover topics such as creation, human existences, death, and rebirth. The third book will bring in a spiritual dialogue with industries top technology executives and medical professionals with the goal of bridging the gap between science and spirituality.

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Self Realization - A fascinating journey into the depths of human consciousness

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The book is a summary of my thirty-year journey into the depths of human consciousness and an effort to provide you a structured map to help accelerate your evolution.

Experimenting with human consciousness poses unique challenges, when your thoughts, ideas, experiences, and assumptions are your biggest barriers, and you have been trained all your life to walk in exactly the opposite direction, how do you neutralize the barriers while juggling career, family, and life? How does it feel to touch your inner self, what are the signs that you are on the right path and how do you leverage your circumstances to make progress day after day?

Ancient Indian scriptures talk extensively about meditation and point towards exceptional abilities one can gain by touching the inner self, but how do you know whether these epics are merely mythology, or there is deep science hidden in these stories? I started my journey on a skeptical note, but as I went deeper, what I discovered was so fascinating and mind blowing, that my life completely changed.

Whether you are looking to adopt meditation practice to bring peace and positivity or want to peek into the mysteries of existence, I would invite you to read my fascinating journey and use that to polish your own path.


About the Author

I am a technology executive, who had a phenomenally successful career, playing senior roles in several prestigious technology companies. I was one of the early employees of a technology start-up that we scaled to $250 Million revenue, when I exited the company. I have a master’s degree in Computer Applications from Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla and an MBA from the prestigious Columbia Business School, NY.

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